Our Brands

Bold, Fascinating & Fun - Safari is about the curious spirit of exploring the unfamiliar and finding what's 'new' in the familiar - About faraway towns, quaint cafes, frothy white beaches, endless black coiling roads, the fresh whiff of air from the hilltop and the crunch of powdery snow beneath your shoes; among the million other unforgettable sights and sounds as you travel to destinations unknown. If life's a Safari and you're #BornToTravel, we bet there's one perfect Safari product waiting for you to take along on your next trip.

Wild heart, risk seeker, globe-trotter, beach hopper. The next-gen youth have different personas. And they deserve a bag to match their drive for life. Uber-stylish with an attitude of its own. Vibrant colours that’ll spice up your life. Beautiful aesthetics with a 7-year global replacement warranty. Yes, it’s true. Wishes can come true. Here’s Magnum for you!

A footballer who bends it like Beckham. Bookish scholar with a high IQ. Amateur racer or tech prodigy. Your passion is our motivation. To craft a bag that supports your talent. If you have a dream, we believe in having your back. The perfect fit for your aspirations, with a splash of colour. Functional with a campus cool look. It’s simply Genius!

It’s time for girls to have all the fun! Pack it, zip it, haul it, work it. Trendy colours with a tinge of pop. Comfy and stylish all-in-one. A fashion-forward look that packs all your essentials while adding a dash of colour to your look. Bring on the charm with Genie.