ORB 77 4W

Ideal For 4-7 Days , 6-10 outfits

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ORB 77 4W ORB 77 4W ORB 77 4W ORB 77 4W ORB 77 4W
ORB 77 4W

Your affordable travel companion

    Ample storage for your next Safari

    4 Shirts 1 Toiletry Bag 2 Pair of Shoes 2 Trousers


    • Dimensions: 40cm X 55cm X 25cm
    • Weight: 2.6 kgs
    • Capacity: 41 Litres

Highlighted Features

  • Hard Textured ShellHard Textured Shell

    An impenetrable shell that bends under pressure and never breaks.

  • TSA LockTSA Lock

    Protect your belongings with our easy to use combination locks

  • Smooth Ride Smooth Ride

    Wheels that rotate 360 degrees for a perfect roll every time


  • No of wheels: 4
  • Water Resistant: Yes

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